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Digital Transformation

Through a methodology aimed at innovation, we support your supply chain to adapt to the new tools brought by industry 4.0, generating relevant competitive advantages for your business.





Solutions most requested by our customers:

Digital Transformation Strategy:

Based on the understanding of the business strategy, processes and operational data analysis, we map the main pains and opportunities in the supply chain processes and operations and, through the design thinking methodology, we build the 4.0 initiatives and solutions roadmap to be implemented by company, as well as their respective financial business cases. The implementation is carried out in conjunction with technology suppliers following the scrum-agile methodology, ensuring the tangibility of the solutions and the implementation of a digital culture in the company.

Automation, robotization and digitalization of processes:

Based on an understanding of the activities and objectives of the selected process, the pains of stakeholders and opportunities are mapped and improvements are identified. The new process is designed with the design thinking methodology and, in addition to workflow optimization, integration with other 4.0 technologies is evaluated, such as artificial intelligence, optimization, simulation, big data analysis, among others.

Automation of warehouse and storage processes:

We redesigned the storage processes (receiving, storing, picking, shipping) mapping opportunities for automation of operations, indicating technologies to be used, investments and financial returns generated. After this stage, the implementation road-map, change management plan is built and implementation is carried out in four hands with the client.

Other Digital Transformation solutions:

  • Selection, specification and implementation of demand prediction systems through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Selection and implementation of hiring and freight management platforms.

  • Selection and implementation of routing and delivery management systems.

  • Use of IoT and IIot in storage and transport operations.

  • etc.

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