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Supply Chain Planning

We support your company in the design, implementation, management and control of S&OP processes, inventory management, demand planning, order cycle, transport planning, among others.





Solutions most required by our customers:

S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning)

The difficulty in ensuring consistency between the company's strategic planning and the decisions made at the operational levels of the various functions leads to the need for integrated sales and operations planning. We design and implement a structured and multifunctional tactical planning process that guarantees the perfect synchrony between manufacturing, logistics and sales.

Order Cycle Review

As it is a horizontal and multifunctional process, inefficiencies, communication failures and divergences between functional goals are common in the path taken by each order within the company, making customer service often in the background.

We evaluate, redesign and implement the proposed solutions ensuring greater fluidity, better service level and more efficiency in your process.

Inventory Management

We design and implement the most appropriate inventory management system for your company, creating centralization / decentralization strategies, dimensioning the stock given the characteristics of each SKU and optimizing layout and physical flows within the warehouses, increasing product availability for your customers. customers and reducing total inventory.

Strategic Sourcing)

From the analysis of the purchase and consumption profile of each SKU of productive and non-productive materials, we designed a purchasing strategy defining processes and deals for each material or service purchased or contracted by your company, obtaining relevant gains in costs, compliance and simplification of processes.

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