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Supply Chain Strategy

We design short, medium and long term strategies so that the supply chain is prepared to meet your company's strategic plan.




Solutions most required by our customers:

Logistic Master Plan:

The Logistic Master Plan (LMP) is the central tool of medium and long-term logistics planning. It aims to translate the company's strategic plan into a strategic supply chain plan that guides actions in relation to the management structure, information technology, operational capabilities and investments.
The PDL usually works with a horizon between 5 and 10 years.

Distribution Strategy and Logistics Network:

The review of the logistics network consists of defining, for a horizon of up to 5 years, the quantity, capacity and location of new facilities (Factories, DCs or TPs), and the logistical flows for serving customers.
In addition to transportation and installation costs, the logistics network may also consider inventory costs, tax rules, tax benefits and service levels. Usually the project uses optimization tools that allow to obtain the best possible mesh configuration given the business rules.

Intra Logistics Greenfield:

The intra-logistics greenfield consists of designing the entire logistical operation of new industrial facilities from the beginning. Based on the collection of manufacturing requirements, material flows, layouts, equipment specification and dimensioning, organizational structure and dimensioning of teams and shifts are designed.

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